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Team Unity

We will support each other and make the most of each individual's contribution


We will treat each other as we would like to be treated

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We will strive to be reliable, trustworthy, responsible and honest in our dealings

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We will share our resources and time to help others


We will strive to be leaders and excel at everything we do


We will continually innovate and apply our creativity in challenging times

Who We Are

Debbane Agri Holding sal is the Agriculture division of Debbane Saikali Group. Our drive for excellence is nowhere more apparent than in the agricultural domain, where we have been market leaders since 1952.

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Message from the CEO during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

My Dear Colleagues,


There is no better way to start my word, but to build on, our Chairman, Mr. Etienne’s message of last week.  A message that further strengthened our trust & our loyalty into our group. A message that made us feel safer and protected by our big family, the Debbane family.


I can’t express enough how delightful and happy I am, and I thank god that you all & your families are safe from this dreadful virus, COVID-19, that turned into pandemic, hit the world and turned the lives of billions of people upside down.  For this end, I would like to seize this opportunity to thank all the leaders in our group, across all our operations and HQ, for putting in place the right protocols; and, of course, I thank you all for adhering to them, so you protected yourselves, your families and hence the group. Thank you!


We at Debbane Agri would like to extend our appreciation to our teams that have been at the front lines making sure that our business is sustained in these difficult times. The products and the services we offer are necessities to feed the world, and accordingly we have a huge responsibility towards the society. It is as important as saving people’s life.


In this uncertain time, the situation can feel scary, stressful and overwhelming to some of us.  This demands from all of us at Debbane Agri, to get more rooted to our core values driving our business since 1952:

Excellence, Integrity, Generosity, Respect, Team Unity and Perseverance.

Since that time, we have faced and seen many challenges, and have overcome them all.  TOGETHER, we will beat this one as well.


Now more than EVER, we need to be more perseverant and to work harder with positive energy, compassion, agility, and caring hearts. 


We are in this TOGETHER, Rest assured that we are and will be with you in every step of the way.


Coming Together is a beginning, keeping together is a progress, working together is success.


You are just doing GREAT

Keep on doing this GREAT job

Stay Positive

Stay Optimistic, for a bright tomorrow

Stay Safe




ATO QUAT - Coronavirus Disinfectant

Whether to find a cure for an ongoing pandemic or to control a pest outbreak in the desert, the world had found itself again in the hands of scientists and research teams in continuous effort to provide the best solutions and technologies for our daily lives and agriculture practices.

Since the establishment of Debbane Freres, the company made sure that one of its main pillars would be the technical expertise of the team, backed with a technical department working on daily basis to provide customers with novel technologies and products to cope with the ongoing changes in the markets. This strategy proved itself efficient once again by providing the Public Health line, in a significantly short period, with a sanitizing product to be used do disinfect indoor and outdoor spaces against the ongoing CoV19- crisis: ATO QUAT.

ATO QUAT is a product based on quaternary ammonium (alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chloride 10 %) provided by ATOMES – Canada. Initially used to disinfect fruits and vegetables from all kings of bacteria, fungi and viruses, ATO QUAT is also used to cold sterilize medical equipment and kitchens. This is only possible due to the registration of the product under an official DIN ( Drug Identification Number) and the CFIA ( Canadian Food Inspection Agency ) food contact approval. Thus, ATO QUAT is safe to use in households and does not cause any allergies for people or damages to any type of fabric, unlike commonly used chlorine-based products.

Soon, Debbane Freres will be also providing the market with ATO QUAT 2 that has in it, added to quaternary ammonium, hydrogen peroxide which will increase the efficiency of the product and the protection period that it provides.

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